Education And Career Counseling

SAPS has initiated this venture with an intention of expanding Counseling Support being given to the students. We have designed unique but simple process of Exploring Self  and chosing Right and Unambigous Career Path. The process is based on Proven Techniques and our experience of Understanding and Nurturing students. The target output is a motivated, focused & confident student with utmost clarity on Career Direction. We are executing this task with Expert Professionals whom we call Mentors

Eligible Age Group: 14 years to 25 years

Step I : Self Assessment Test (SAT)

Its Psychometric cum Aptitude Test for Assessment of Personality, Ability & Interest Areas

Step II: Counseling

It’s a special one-to-one Session with our Expert Mentor who explains Outcomes of the Test SAT and provides Guidance on Best Suitable Education Stream and Career Option

Step III: Remedial Workshops

These Workshops are conducted by Experts in various Fields to motivate Students and Build up their Core Competencies

Step IV: Follow-up Counseling

Its again an One-to –one session with our Mentor to review Progress of a student and suggest Corrective Actions wherever necessary