Why Career Planning?

Choice of Right Career Direction has always been a very complex and crucial issue for parents and students. Availability of numerous education streams and career options today has made it more complex. Most of the students remain confused about their strengths and weaknesses and thus end up choosing wrong career path.

A Clear and Specific plan about Career and Education Stream framed on the basis of one’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Natural Talents and Aptitude surely results into a successful and satisfactory life. Such plan allows students to follow their instincts with a Focus.

What We Do?

SAPS Career & Education Counseling Centre has initiated this venture for the benefit of society and wish to expand the web of counseling support being given to the students. We have designed unique but simple process of exploring self and choosing a Right & Unambiguous Career Path.

Our process is based on proven techniques and our expertise of understanding and nurturing a student. The targeted output of this process is a motivated, focused & Confident Individual with utmost clarity on direction. We are executing this task with a team of Expert and Experienced Counselors whom we call Mentors.

How we Do?

Step I : Self Assessment Test (SAT)

It is a Psychometric cum Aptitude Test for Assessment of Personality, Ability & Interest Areas.

Step II: Counseling & Guidance

It is a Special one-to-one Session with our Expert Mentor that explains the findings of the Test and provides guidance on best suitable Education Stream & Career Option

Step IV: Remedial Workshop

These workshops are conducted by experts to motivate students and build up their core competencies

Step V: Follow-up Counseling

Its again one-to-one session with our Mentor to review progress of the student and suggest corrective actions wherever necessary

Who Can Apply:

Anybody in the age group 14 years to 25 years