Perfect Test Series X and XII Board Exams


PERFECT TEST SERIES is a Pioneering program by SAPS that has supported many students to achieve great deal of success in Board Exams. SAPS has infused all its Expertise & Experience in this program. This program is a mission by SAPS to improve Board Exam Performance of students which becomes Life Long Asset with them.

Benefits to Students :

  • Paper Setting, Exam Conduction, Valuation, Moderation are all done by Most Experienced and Expert team.
  • Regular Interactions with Expert Faculties fine tune Student’s Preparation.
  • Strategically scheduled on Weekends & Holidays so that students get sufficient Time Period for Preparation without affecting their Routine Study Schedule.
  • Participation from the best of the students from Vidarbha has made this program a genuine competitive platform where students can actually assess their level of preparation.
  • Results with Ranking and Analysis are published.
  • Overall an Effective Tool in the hands of Students to accomplish their preparation towards Board Exams. 


Benefits to Schools :

  • This Program is completely customizable to suit School’s Schedule, Syllabus Plan etc.
  • Special School Report is provided to the Management / Principals after each Round of Tests that gives the insights of Students Level of Preparation and enables to take remedial measures on time.
  • Special Discounts in Fees are offered to schools for Participation in bulk.


The Time Table and Syllabus specifications for this program are published in the month of August every year

A unique Framework Enhancing Student’s Performance n X Board Exam

Applicability :             

  • Students of standard X (English Higher & Lower Medium)

Highlights :

  • Strategically designed based on Rich Experience of preparing students for board exams
  • Delivered in Three Phases where each Phase Covers 1/3rd Syllabus of All Subject
  • Tests are followed by Unique Interaction Program by Expert Faculties from Nagpur
  • Scheduled on Weekends Only
  • Results are published with Performance analysis of all students participating in the program

How it works?

  • Get registered
  • Get the syllabus of each phase
  • Get predefined Test Calendar
  • Appear for the test with Complete Preparation
  • Get Assessed by our Expert Valuers
  • Get Results with Performance Analysis after each round
  • Attend interaction Programs by experts as per the schedule   


  8th July till 15th October 2017 (Saturdays & Sundays only)